Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We have moved...Already!

Hello! We have made the move up to a real dot com, so please visit at


Friday, November 12, 2010

Rant: Beige Food and Cavemen (Troglodytes)

Here is a look and find challenge for you: find something green in this food advertisement (both are from the same food joint). 
Kinda monochromatic, aye? Even the cabbage bowl doesn't look like it has much cabbage. Yes, beige food, composed of carbs, sugar, and some sort of light colored protein (usually chicken) make the brain feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We want. We eat. 

We want beige food because our ancient ancestors couldn't have it. They were stuck with a more high fiber cuisine for the most part. 
Where has this fulfillment of our desire for beige food gotten us though? Why hasn't our brain sped up the evolution on that one, and figured out that excessive amounts of beige fatty food IS NOT GOOD FOR THE BODY. Hello brain! Don't be so Paleolithic. 

Post Script: Beige is a weird word, but Troglodyte is kinda awesome. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: Trader Joe's Premade Pie Crust...Worth the Shortcut??

Autumn and pie are good buddies. But what if you can't make a pie crust to save your life? What if you can make a killer pie crust but are too busy to do so (cleaning the food processor afterwards...bla.)? At $3.99, the Trader Joe's pre made pie crust comes in a package of two and claims to be made without any preservatives, transfats, and so forth, but how good can it be?

Mission: Use said pre-made pie crust to make a chicken pot pie.

Process: Made the inside recipe from Pioneer Woman's book (the link here is to her Turkey Pot Pie recipe, which works for the upcoming holiday, but just switch out the turkey for chicken and there you go). It came out delicious, but a little to viscus (I'll cook the filling longer than she recommended next time). Rolled out the premade pie dough, put it on top, placed the pie on a cookie sheet for ease of movement in and out of the oven. The pie crust had broken, but was easily rolled back together again.

Conclusion: Color and texture of crust came out perfectly. Lacking a bit in salt when eaten by itself, but mixed with the inside of the chicken pot pie, it tasted good.

Pass or Fail: Pass with a B+ over all, big points for making the process of pie making much easier and more accessible, minus points for a certain lack of flavor of homemade.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revelation: A New Cookbook, New Personality, I am Amazed and Inspired by Pam Anderson (The Cook)

Pam Anderson. Not the Baywatch/Playboy babe (is she still a babe?? I don't know), but the self proclaimed real cook from Texas has a new cookbook out called Perfect One Dish Dinners and I am inspired. I heard an interview with Pam on NPR Food's Podcast, looked her up in my local library, and have every one of her books waiting to be picked up. All but the new book that is...

Her food is simple but pure - none of the quasi-disgusting shortcuts other cookbook/food personalities tout. She also includes recipes that go with the main dish, sides and desserts, and modified versions if you don't have time to go all out.

Watch this video and see for yourself. This lady rocks.